German Shepherds are very clever and intelligent, but they also have an amazing sense of humor of their own! Their sense of humor is unique and priceless, they just can’t be compared to any other breed!

We got you a collection of the funniest and most embarrassing stories of German Shepherds that will make you stop trusting your German Shepherd, so check them below!

1- They are cooler than you, so be ready they will steal all your friends.

2- When you try to impress your friends of how boss and strong your dog is, he does that:

3- And when you try to convince them they are friendly they just go like:

4- They will stop you from doing your chores.

5- They don’t share the bed, they take it over!

6- They will make you feel guilty for not doing everything in the world for them.

7- They will try to deceive you by pretending they are dying to eat!

8- They are toy stealers!

9- They will hide when they realize they did something wrong!

10- No privacy here, not even a second!

11- They will take over your favorite couch.

12- They are tricking masters.

13- They believe they can do anything better than you!

14- They hate other animals.

15- They will steal your heart from the first sight.