Grumpy Cat Isn’t Excited About Posing With Dogs In Hilarious Family Video

Siblings don’t generally get along. Nor do dogs and cats! However, when one angry cat objects being with his dog siblings in a photograph, the charming family spat immediately went viral.

The video, which was posted to Twitter by ‘Madeyousmile’, portrays three smiling puppies wearing their Sunday best and looking directly at the camera like the generally excellent young men and young ladies they are. The family cat, in any case, has wouldn’t embrace such a happy stance. Actually, he looks quite grumpy and doesn’t want to look at the camera.
Grumpy Cat Isn’t Excited About Posing With Dogs In Hilarious Family Video

Such bold cat-itide must be entirely disappointing for the picture taker, in light of the fact that each pet owner realizes that it is so hard to get your pets taking a look at the camera! Getting three mutts to grin on the double is no simple accomplishment, and now these difficult cats take steps to destroy the entire family scene.

Luckily, one of the dogs realized what’s happening, and willingly volunteers to bring his grumpy sibling into line. He walks over to the uncooperative cat and afterward hauls the wriggling pet into the frame.

Normally, the cat is distraught about this unforeseen event and attempts to wriggle away, however, the bigger little guy has a reasonable size favorable position. Our preferred part is the point at which the canine gazes toward his owner to say, ‘See what a good boy I am?’ and attempts to shield the cat from getting away by holding it down with his paws.

Watch the video below:

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