WARNING, overdose cuteness is down in the video below!

Dogs, are descended from wolves. So, they still intrinsically are pack-animals. Due to this, they behave in groups to get their goals. Even a group of puppies together can be a great force for an unwary victim.

However, wolves use their pack strength to bring down big prey. Now, dogs can use their group strength to bring victims down for other reasons…

To bring them down with admiration!

Also, what breed is more famous for wanting to play games than the humble golden retriever? Bred and loved for their happy-go-lucky moods and lovely behaviors, they’re the ideal friends and the go-to breed for families.

Particularly, their puppies are violent in the way they give out snuggles. A pack of golden retriever puppies is like a group of locusts, except instead of leaving destruction in their wake, they leave smiles and joy. Now that’s a plague I can be in love with!

The Edna Valley Golden Retrievers breeding farm in San Luis Obispo California, know all too well what these “vicious” puppies can do in groups!

If you don’t trust me, you need to see this harrowing video of a group of 7 pups pitilessly taking down an unwary victim. Fair Warning, the levels of cuteness in this attack are devastating.

If you are weak for high levels of cuteness, we recommend watching the video with a stuffed toy or pet of your own to release excess snuggles.

After the puppies are all let out from their cage, all heck breaks loose.

Like a pack voracious for their next romp, they erupt from behind their gates like a clumsy hoard. If they didn’t get easily confused by leaves and trips over their over-sized paws they would be a huge threat. When they detect the unwary victim of their next attack, they don’t any time attacking him.

Watch the full video below to see this overdose of cuteness.