How can I relieve my dog’s boredom?

How can I relieve my dog’s boredom?

Just like humans, dogs can get bored and very often this boredom results in «bad» behavior.

✔️ As a rule, dogs get bored when they experience a lack of external stimulation.
If every dog’s day is exactly the same, it lacks new impressions and the owner doesn’t spend enough time with it so the dog gets bored. ✔️ If the boredom gets chronic, the dog may acquire a learned helplessness, become apathetic, or overreact to seemingly insignificant stimuli. ⠀
✔️ Boredom may be the reason for a dog’s chronic stress.
Some dogs quench their thirst for new experiences by destroying the apartment, damaging things, or spending the whole day barking and howling. Sometimes the dog practices all this all together.

✔️When the dog is bored, it may develop an obsessive movement stereotyping. The dog may walk back and forth, suck its own sides or constantly lick its paws.
So how can you cope with your dog’s boredom?

There are many ways to make your dog’s life more interesting and diverse: ✅Vary the places where you walk your dog. ✅Provide your dog with safe communication with other dogs. ✅Spend some time on trick training. ✅Play search or other kinds of games. ✅Buy new toys. Not every single day of course, but rather frequently. It is enough, for example, to divide dog toys into two parts and when giving out one part, hide the other one. You can change these parts in a week or so.