How to get your dog to stop barking

If your dog barks too much, you can try to teach it to keep quiet on a command.

Here are some step-by-step instructions:

1️⃣When the dog barks, give it the command «quiet» (or you can choose any other word with the same meaning). 2️⃣Show a treat to the dog (it’s important that this treat is loved by your dog). To choose the best treat for your dog, watch the «Hierarchy of treats» video from the EveryDoggy video course.

3️⃣The dog, after smelling a treat, stops barking.

4️⃣Praise the dog verbally.

5️⃣Give it the treat.

From now on, when the dog starts barking, it knows that after the word «Quiet» it will be rewarded with a treat.

And while waiting for a tasty reward, the pet will keep quiet.

Then you can make the pause between “quiet” and giving a treat longer.

P.S. This method is not universal and is not suitable for every dog. If it doesn’t work for you, watch the «How to get your dog to stop barking» video lesson in the EveryDoggy app. We are pretty sure you’ll find the best method for you and your doggy!

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