How can you help your puppy to overcome its fear phase?

How can you help your puppy to overcome its fear phase?

As a rule, at the age of 3 months our puppy is faced with a fear phase. Even if your pup was bold and brave before, it may start to be afraid of the most seemingly harmless things.

Many owners start to worry that their pet is a coward. So if this is true, what should you do with a puppy during this period? 🔻 First of all, start walking with the pup before it enters the fear phase, that is, up to 3 months. It is advised to train your pup to stay at home alone from 2.5 months (for at least 15 minutes). If your first walk takes place during the fear phase, it will be more difficult to teach the puppy not to be afraid of the street. ⚡️️It is necessary to walk with a puppy every day, regardless of your mood and weather conditions. If the puppy is scared, do not stroke it and do not let it cling to your legs. Wait for the wave of fear to subside and praise the pup at this point.

Don’t forget to encourage any manifestations of curiosity and interest to the environment. But if the puppy is so scared that it begins to tremble, take him in your arms and leave the “scary” place.

The second fear phase usually occurs between the 5 and 6 months of the puppy’s life.

It is better not to visit a veterinarian (if your pet is healthy) and ensure maximum predictability and safety for the puppy.

It is not recommended to leave the puppy at dog hotels when it is from 2.5 to 5/6 months.

What could and should you do? 🐶 Play, train, teach basic commands, let the puppy be near you as much time as possible and cautiously introduce your four-legged friend to the world.
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From the first day in the house to 4.5 months, we will help you to raise your puppy as a happy and obedient doggy!