Why your dog’s personality is a lot like yours?

Why your dog’s personality is a lot like yours?

They say pets are very similar to their owners.

And we are talking not only about dogs, but also about cats and horses – that is, about animals that consciously interact with a person and form an attachment to them.

The similarity is mostly not external (however, some pets really look like their owners) but more a behavioral one, that is, including habits and lifestyle.
When we are choosing a companion, we subconsciously pick up one who is in some aspect «close» to us. And when we decide to have a dog and it comes to choosing a puppy, we usually stop at one particular puppy.
By the way, according to surveys, there are dog breeds that look like their owners more frequently than others. The top 3 are:
1️⃣Golden retriever

And even if you at first think that you are completely different with your doggy, with the passage of time you notice more and more similarities. The owners are similar to their pets with lifestyle, and habits. And there is an explanation for this.

Not only do we raise our pets, but they raise us as well. And sometimes they succeed more than we do☺️ Willingly or not, we meet the needs of those whom we care about, and they adapt to our rhythm of life.

Even when those breeds which are considered to be «serious» (Rottweilers, Dobermans, Caucasian Shepherds, etc.) get into a family of friendly and mentally balanced people, they grow up completely without aggression.

Conversely, when a “companion” breed of dog belongs to an irritable and unbalanced owner, it becomes nervous and aggressive.

The question of who imitates who (the dog imitating its owner or vice versa) remains open. Apparently, our relationship with animals is still similar to communicating vessels.

In any case, the fact that animals are similar to us both in appearance and in character allows us to coexist more comfortably and form a profound emotional bond🐕❤️