How long do dogs sleep per day?

How long do dogs sleep per day?

On average, dogs sleep about 14-18 hours a day, while puppies sleep about 20 hours.
Sometimes dog owners think that their pets sleep too much or too little. So how long should a dog sleep and what determines the duration of a dog’s sleep?
The answer to “How long do dogs sleep?” depends on many factors. But an average range for an adult dog is about 14-18 hours a day.
And these are the factors which determine how long a dog sleeps: – Age. Puppies and senior dogs (over 7-10 years) sleep more than adult dogs. A puppy of up to 3 months sleeps about 20 hours per day. – Stress and fatigue. If the dog experienced stress or has had busy days, it may sleep for a very long time, even 24 hours a day.
– Level of excitement. If the dog is overexcited, it has difficulties with falling asleep.
– Lifestyle. If a dog spends too much time on its own and is bored, it sleeps more than a dog who lives an active life with its owners. – Weather. When it is hot or cloudy, a dog spends more time sleeping.
– Health. If the dog is sick, it sleeps more than usual.

The dog’s sleep has two phases. During a fast phase, dogs see dreams and during a slow phase, dogs’ muscles are relaxed, body temperature decreases and breathing and heart rate slow down. ‼️To get new articles everyday, download #everydoggy app following the link in the profile👆

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