How to play tug of war safely?

How to play tug of war safely?

7 rules of playing tug of war with your pup👇

🐶Monitor how your dog feels.

So many owners (and even specialists) refuse playing such games, thinking that they make their dogs more aggressive. This is not true.

Tug of war is an amazing game! But it’s important to make sure that your dog doesn’t get overstimulated. End the game before your dog’s excitement levels skyrocket.

🐶Stop the game before your pup gets bored. Let him/her look forward to playing it again.

🐶Ask your dog to stop by using the “Give/Release” command. If your pup listens, reward him/her: continue the game!

🐶If your dog refuses to let go of the toy on your command, don’t pull the toy or yank it.

Make the toy immobile, let go of it, if needed, but make sure to hold into your dog’s collar or harness at the same time. Let your pup know that the game is finished.

Your dog will get bored holding the toy in his mouth, so he’ll drop it.

After that, you can reward him by starting another round of the game. This way, your four-legged companion will understand the principle of the game: if you want fun to continue, let go of the toy on command.

🐶Never move the toy up and down – you might injure your dog’s neck like that. Move it side-to-side. But still be very careful, especially if it’s a young dog.

🐶Praise your pup for actively participating in the game, be emotional.

If you just move your hands side to side monotonously, your pet will get bored very soon. You are a part of the game, so be a good part of it!

🐶The game should start and finish after a signal initiated by you.