Why does your pup misbehave?

Why does your pup misbehave?

🐶Your dog might not be feeling well. If you notice your pup has trouble concentrating, he/she is tired, apathetic or refuses to do things (sitting, lying down, etc), make sure that your pet is not experiencing any health problems.

🐶Your dog can’t grasp the information.
Maybe there are too many distracting factors around? Or your dog is too overstimulated? Are there any basic needs that are not met?

If you don’t walk your dog enough, it’s natural for him/her to pull on the leash and get distracted by any external stimuli, simply because the basic need of freely exercising canine natural behavior is not satisfied fully.

And if your dog is very hungry or thirsty, of course he/she will only be thinking about food or water, not about following your commands.

🐶There isn’t enough motivation.
For instance, the owner is not rewarding the dog enough.

As a result, the dog might behave while on a leash, but once the owner lets them go off it, the contact between them and control over the dog’s behavior vanishes.

This may be explained by using harsh training methods, using inhumane gear or a general misunderstanding of what the dog wants in this particular moment and what should be used to reward him/her.

🐶The dog doesn’t understand the human, because the human doesn’t explain what they want well enough.

For example, the owner might be giving contradictory signals to the pet, moving too much and too fast, confusing the dog: the commands may go something like this: “No, don’t you get it, I told you to lie down, and not to sit!”.

What to do if a dog doesn’t behave?

First of all, find the reason for the pet’s misbehavior.

After that, work with this reason, which usually means working with the behavior of the owner.

If there’s not enough motivation – think about what brings joy to the dog (not just the owner), and make sure to choose reward correctly, strengthen the link and mutual understanding between the dog and the owner. Make training sessions fun, and not torture.

Don’t set unattainable goals and tasks, increase the complexity level gradually, and separate the task into smaller tasks that are going to be easier for your pet.