How to reward your puppy?

What should you use as a reward for your puppy during training?

It’s not just treats we’re talking about.
It’s very important to choose the right type of a reward, in order to form and develop a puppy’s motivation and teach him/her to enjoy training sessions.

What you should choose as a reward in training depends on two things:
1️⃣ which level of training you’re at
2️⃣ and the puppy’s preferences.

❗️Here’s a universal rule: you teach your puppy a command using treats, and then you perfect the skill using a toy or play-time with the owner❗️

However, it’s important to consider the puppy’s wish and preference at a certain moment.

🍗Treats. It’s quite a popular reward method that is also very effective. But make sure you choose a treat for which your puppy will truly want to cooperate with you.

🎾A toy. A toy that you use in training sessions must be your puppy’s favorite, but also the one he/she doesn’t get to play with at any other time. This is something the puppy has to deserve.

🐶Play-time with the owner. To use this reward type, choose toys that are good for playing together.

😍Verbal praise and petting (social motivation). Remember that at the very beginning, verbal praise or scratches are not too valuable for a little puppy.

You can also combine different types of reward or switch between them, so that your puppy doesn’t know what kind of reward is coming next. This contributes to the connection between the owner and increases the puppy’s motivation.

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