Outdoor gear for daily walks

What gear should you choose for walks?


Many specialists believe it’s not the best choice, except for ring appearances.

It’s better to avoid collars if your dog pulls on the leash.

Here are the most common health problems that wearing collars may cause:

▫️neck vertebrae injuries
▫️thyroid area injuries
▫️crushed neck muscles, trachea injuries

Constant pains affect how our pet feels on a daily basis.

✔️Dog harness.

A harness won’t solve the problem of pulling, of course, but at the same time it doesn’t injure our pets.

A harness is a great choice if chosen correctly.

Always pay attention to the structure of the harness: the most anatomically-correct, according to the veterinarian research, is Y-shaped harness.

Straps and buckles in a good harness don’t cross or lie on top of the shoulder girdle muscles.

Chest strap shouldn’t be closer than 5 cm (2 inches) to the armpit, in order to avoid rubbing against sensitive skin.

✔️What to choose for walks: a traditional leash or a retractable one?

Any dog trainer will give you a straight-forward answer: “A traditional leash!”

By using a retractable leash, we explain to our dog that he/she can walk on the distance that the leash allows by constantly pulling.

If you relax your hand and pull the retractable leash back a bit, you will feel considerable pulling.

It doesn’t matter how close your dog is to you during a walk, he/she will always feel the pulling.

In addition, a retractable leash doesn’t only affect the dog’s spine negatively, but yours too.

You can’t hold the leash with your two hands, distributing the weight properly, when you’re using a retractable leash.

A traditional leash might not look as convenient, but in reality your dog will only feel completely comfortable when you are using a usual leash.

The length of the leash should be chosen according to your personal goals.

For everyday walks, 3 m (10 ft) is perfect.

A leash that is too short won’t allow your dog to smell the ground. Dogs also like keeping their personal distance (which equals the length of the dog’s body), so if the leash is too short, we’ll provoke our dog to pull.

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