How to strengthen your bond with your dog?

How to strengthen your bond with your dog?

Our dogs’ love is the most loyal and unconditional 💙

However, unconditional love aside, we still need to “earn” our pet’s trust and form a strong bond between us and them 🤭.

If you have experienced this feeling of being trusted in any situation, when one glance is enough to understand everything, you’ll know: it is an incredible feeling.

So, how to improve the bond between your pup and you?

✔️There are simple exercises aimed at that.

These exercises will also help make your training sessions much more effective.

🔹Playing. Mistakes during playing are not serious, there’s no risk involved, which means that the pressure is gone and all we do is just enjoy the game.

– All of our courses are based exactly on that – methods based on games and playing!

🔹 “Eye to eye exercises” (visual contact between the dog and his/her human).

🔹Recall games.

– You’ll find many of such games and exercises on our app!🔺

🔹Trick training.

-There are so many tricks to choose from, you and your pup will never get bored! You can find many tricks for all levels, and dogs truly enjoy them.

🔹Reinforcement of any actions that you find desirable. This will change the overall vibes of your relationship with your dog if there’s any tension involved. Positive reinforcement brings amazing results.

🔹Rewarding any instances when your dog’s demonstrated calm and collected behavior. This will lower the overall level of anxiety for both of you.

🔹Intellectual games (including those with the human) and search games. We have already written about the benefits of search games, and you can find a variety of ideas in our “Games” highlight.