Just 12 Adorable Dogs Wearing Christmas Sweaters

The holidays are a gauntlet of adorable things: babies seeing Christmas trees for the first time, cars sprouting antlers and red noses, elves appearing on shelves—the list goes on. But none of these things hold a candle to a dog in Christmas sweater. Scrooge himself would admit, “Now that is adorable!! ”

So if you’re feeling the stress of the holiday hustle and bustle, give yourself the gift of looking at these festive pooches for a minute. They are sure to add a little cheer to your day.

1. This dog in a gingerbread man sweater plus a Santa hat

2. This dog in a tiny snowman sweater

3. This dog in a festive court jester sweater

4. This tiny guy in a tiny tree sweater

5. These pugs in pug sweaters

6. This handsome guy in his handsome sweater

7. This good boy being an extremely good sport

8. This dog who is literally Santa

9. This guy who is cranky despite having a gorgeous sweater

10. This dog who is just so excited to be in her sweater

11. This pug who is either grateful or angry about his sweater

12. This dog who is anxious for Christmas to arrive

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