A little boy with autism got a sweet blessing from his parents to help home adapt as the isolate for COVID-19 keeps going. His father, Carl Morrison, posted a lovable video of Hayden and his new doggy on Twitter, and it has since turned into a web sensation.

Hayden is a 4-year-old kid with nonverbal autism who lives in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. He has been making some harsh memories during the isolation in Northern Ireland. His standard schedules have been upset and there’s no solid time set that he will have the option to return to those schedules.

“He was used to going to school every day, going to both sets of grandparents on set days,” Carl said. “He would go to the park or go swimming, so he got very frustrated about being stuck in the house. He was having a lot of meltdowns.”

His mom and dad came up with a way to make him happy and help him in the future: by getting him a golden retriever little pup they named Marley.

In the video below, they brought their son the puppy to the car window. Hayden is very happy when he sees the puppy, and reaches out a hand to take one little furry paw.


Then Marley is softly placed onto Hayden’s lap, and Hayden appears awed by the cuddly puppy.

The two new best friends cuddle while Hayden smiles.

“Since we have got the dog he has settled a lot better and has fewer meltdowns now,” Carl said.

Watch this sweet reaction in this video below!