Massive Bear-Dog Squeezes In Internet Stardom Into Her Busy Schedule Of Eating And Sleeping

    Dog Eating And Sleeping
    Dog Eating And Sleeping

    Formerly started as a straightforward Instagram account to show off her Chow Chow, Lexi, @lexithechow is continuing to grow into an epic narrative following young pup’s coddled life.

    “I started taking and publishing photos of Lexi by myself Instagram this past year,” explained owner, Michelle. “She was too cute not too. I quickly understood mothers on Facebook who post incessantly about their kids….I couldn’t stop!”

    Because the account went live, Lexi’s level of popularity has made her somewhat of the viral sensation.

    “I got very aware that this was probably annoying for some of my enthusiasts therefore i created another account for Lexi, so only people who wish to follow her could follow,” elaborated Michelle. “Didn’t recognize that 30,000+ people would hit follow!!!”

    A fan of Chow Chow dogs already, Michelle says it felt like fate when she visited adopt Lexi.

    “I acquired her when she was already one year old,” explained Michelle. “Someone I knew acquired her and couldn’t keep her for personal reasons. I had been enthusiastic about chow chows for YEARS. When I noticed that she was buying a home it felt like future!”

    When she isn’t out attaining internet glory, Lexi loves beef liver snacks, sleeping (with most of snoring!) and dipping her paws into drinking water. Lexi truly is merely a dog caring life and relishing every second of it.