Meet Quasimodo, a stray dog, which was found on  the streets of Kentucky and brought to the “Secondhand Hounds” shelter in Minnesota. Volunteers of the shelter thought that the dog has such a strange body because he lived in a close box. But when it comes to dogs with a shortened spine, the truth is that they are born in this way.

When volunteers met a German Shepherd with unusual spine, he had an ingrown in the neck collar. Just imagine, how much pain he felt every day before people helped him.

A veterinarian of the shelter has found out that the dog’s tail curls like a “corkscrew”, what prevents his body to function normally. The syndrome of shortened spine is most often the result of inbreeding and is often accompanied by other disorders. But these variations do not affect the way of Quasi life and don’t make him feel pain.

Quasimodo may lack growth, but this dog has a broad mind and a wonderful character. And just like other dogs, he loves games and attention.

Video Source: Inside Edition