New legs for Charming rottweiler Brutus

Charming rottweiler Brutus lost his 4 legs

when he was just a puppy. Cold and hungry, all alone… His owners left him die on the street. It was so low temperature that made his paws frostbitten. What is even worse, his lovely owners tried to make the surgery on their own and amputated the puppy paws. Brutus the Charming rottweiler became disabled and lost the ability to walk.
But fate had a surprising gift for him!  Kind people bought expensive prostheses on all 4 paws and helped the rottweiler to stand up and live his life fully.

New owner of a poor rottweiler,Lauren Aquilina, says “If Brutus did not get prostheses, he would have crawled across the carpet and stayed in the four walls.” To avoid this Lauren and other concerned people people have created a fund to raise money for dog’s operation. They managed to collect about $ 13,000, and Brutus, finally got the opportunity to walk.

Video Source: Amanda Cooper

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