My dog steals food from the table

Does your dog steal from the table or beg for food? 🍖🍔🍗

These bad habits usually stem from one and the same problem – once you shared a bit of food from the table with your pup or you haven’t organized your home in a way that wouldn’t let the dog steal a delicious piece of something!

One time is more than enough for a bad habit to appear!

However, it’s possible to fight this issue, but be ready to be patient, because it will take time and effort. Learn to ignore virtually ANY attempt of your dog to beg for food, and make sure to praise the behavior you consider good.

Don’t leave your dog alone in a room where he can get something from the table without permission!

✔️Teach you dog important commands aimed at practicing focus and self-control in front of a bowl, slowly increasing the time of the exercise. Start using permission commands. Be consistent and remember – if something is prohibited, it is prohibited at all times!

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