If you are choosing between two breeds 🐶 – husky and malamute – think which one is better for you.

Think why you want these dogs in general.

So many people only get them because of their beauty. However, these dogs are very special, and not everyone ends up happy after getting them.

They are very emotional, active and independent dogs. Don’t expect them to walk next to you, look you in eye and bring you your slippers. This simply won’t happen. These breeds would say: “If my owner is here – cool, but if not – I don’t care, I’ll go walk around on my own”.

They need physical activity. If there is none, then these dogs will start digging, howling, running away, damaging things and so on.

If you have a child or family members who will want to cuddle and play with the dog all the time, know that huskies and malamutes won’t be constantly tolerating this and will start showing their discomfort by growling.

If you’re getting such a dog, be ready for a lot of physical activity 💪

You should also understand that these dogs are not as loyal as you can read in novels. Malamutes tend to be more attached to people, whereas huskies can easily leave with a stranger.

❓What is there to know about the differences between malamutes and huskies? Huskies are more active, emotional, fussy and physically active. They are much more independent and wayward.

Malamutes often tend to have problems with aggression towards other dogs and people, they are very stubborn.

At the same time, they are a bit easier to manage, considering the fact that they are calmer, it is easier to live with them. Both breeds need a lot of physical movement.

You have to do some sports with them in order to direct all their energy in the right way.

Be prepared: such a dog is not going to be a little “sweetheart” lying on the couch, it will be a real animal that needs a lot of movement and a lot of work 🐕