We love dogs so much, they have a special place in our hearts. They always show us how much they love us in many ways. However, sadly, they don’t live forever, their life ends and leave us so soon with broken hearts. Yet this one’s story will surely make your day! This is the oldest Golden Retriever celebrating her unique 20th birthday for the first time in the world’s history!

Usually, Golden Retriever dogs live for 12-14 years. So, we always try to spend most of the time with them. Fortunately, we have here the oldest Golden Retriever who aged 20 years old! Augie was born in 24th of April 2000. This elderly Goldie struggled in her life before she was rehomed by her current owners. This sweety didn’t find her forever home before her 14th year!

Augie has a family with whom she lives, 3 other Golden Retrievers. Her owners stated that despite her old age, her health is good surprisingly, as she can still go for walks. Her family celebrated her 20th birthday at home with a delicious carrot cake!

Augie made history by age 20 years old because as a Golden Retriever, this is the first time in history. Her story is truly inspiring to everyone!

This story made us tear up from happiness to know that dogs can live longer too. However, we have to take care of their health in order to spend more time with them.