German Shepherd dog breed possesses a special way of guarding and workings abilities, besides being the closest dog breed to our hearts!

GSDs owners know from the day they got them, they will be happy and have a high spirit all the time. However, besides being so friendly and sweet, they are also very naughty. They put us in a lot of awkward situations.

To be more clear, we will show you 15 funny pictures from German Shepherd owners that will make you laugh more than you should!

This is my own beach

The Eyes, Chico, They Never Lie

I Am The Mechanic At Your Service, Sir!

I’m ready for diving, hooman!

Hey, I Choose You, stranger! Ditched Me For A Ball

Hooman, I’m Stuck! Call 911!

Most Flexible Dog!

The most embarrassing act ever, he was sniffing a lady’s butt!

This Shephy is Vegan

No worries, Hooman! I will drive today.

It’s time to have more FUN!

Who Won?


Wanna help, hooman?