Online Community Share Photos Of Their Derpy Dogs With Their ‘Toofers’ On Display (15 Pics)

There are so many things we love about our dogs. Their soft fur, their fluffy tails, the adoration they show us every time we walk through the door. And what about their adorable smiles?

There are endless communities online dedicated to showing off how great our dogs are. But this one in particular shows off dogs and their goofy teeth. Welcome to the ‘Toofers’ subreddit. Woof Woof has collected some of the very best photos from this community, all so we can improve your mood.

So scroll down and get your daily dose of doggy smiles and lets us know which one is your favorite.




The ‘Toofers’ community has over 83,000 members and counting. They invite everyone to post pics of their dog with a “beautiful smile, a sill snarl, or an adorable snaggle toof.”

Of course, maintaining a gorgeous smile requires some effort on the part of the owner, not just the canines themselves. After all, you wouldn’t expect your best friend to brush twice a day and floss in between meals all by themselves, now would you?





Dogs have 42 teeth and they should be clean, without any tartar or plaque. What’s more, if they’re broken or jagged, seeing a vet immediately is advised.




Even if your dog can’t brush its teeth, there’s no reason you can’t do it for it. Just remember to use doggy (not hooman) toothpaste. And it might be a good idea if you don’t share your toothbrush with your pet. There are also some chew toys and treats that help fight the bacteria growing in its mouth.

Besides that, you should bring your dog to your vet for an in-depth cleaning procedure every one to three years. But food is also incredibly important: adapt its diet to help maintain its mouth in the best possible condition.






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