Ear dropping and tail docking are both elective surgeries for dogs. Some purebreds undergo the procedure shortly after they are born. The surgical procedures have been the routine for breeds like the German Short-haired Pointers, Schnauzers and Dobermans.

However, as the owner of the dog, it is advisable to know whether you want your dog to be docked or cropped before they are born. Look at the benefits that come along with both the surgical procedures and make a choice early enough. However, a series of benefits exist for the breeds that undergo the surgery. This ranges from lack of infections to improved appearances. Take note that the operations also have some step backs

What is tail docking and ear cropping?

Tail docking involves the removal of part or the entire dog’s tail with surgical scissors. The surgery is done by a veterinarian or the breeder. It is done to dogs just a few days old and when the tail is still soft.

Ear cropping on the other hand is a surgery involving the cutting off of the floppy part of the dog’s ear. It is mostly done on anesthetized dogs that are between six to twelve weeks old. The ears are taped to hard surface for quite a few weeks during the healing process to ensure they stay upright.

The benefits of the surgical procedures.

1. Docking and cropping improves the appearance of the dogs. Breeders say the removal of hunting and the tails of farm dogs do prevent injuries during the herding and chases.

2. It keeps the energetic breed like the boxers from hurting the tails as a result of thumping to the dog crates and walls. Besides, in case of any injuries the healing process is very fast.

3. Ear droppings lower infections.

4. Docked dogs are likely to perform better in dog shows that the others.

As much as ear cropping and tail docking have benefits, they are also some disadvantages that they bring along. The two elective surgical procedures are not quite common of late. A series of arguments have been raised by the vets to support this view. Some of them are noted below.

1. Tail docking is an injury on its own.

2. The docked tails can develop nerve tumor or neuroma. It can cause a lot of pain and make the dog snappy, if tail is touched. 3. Docking tamper with the ability of the dog to communicate as they commonly wag their tails when showing emotions. Docking and cropping is a decision made by you. It is important to consider all the cons and pros of the procedures before agreeing to let your dog to undergo the same. Make the right choice.

Video Source :  Association For The Preservation Of Purebred Dogs