If it’s time to introduce your new puppy to your elder dog/s, you have to know that it’s not going to be an easy task for you. In fact, there are no guarantees that the big ones are going to find the little guy as cude as you do – at least not at the beginning. The first meeting should be quick, around 10 minutes, in order to prevent the dogs from tiring. You can make a point of calling each dog away from time to time, as to prevent from any hostility between the two dogs.

Depending on the age and personality of your older dog/s, the newcomer in your family may be welcomed by the older dog/s, but they may be jealous of him. The most important thing for you to do is to understand that this is a normal behavior, that can be changed – but it takes time.In most cases, puppies are ignorant and curious and it’s gonna be difficult for you to teach him how to learn to respect the big dogs, without getting him hurt. If the older dogs don’t like him, it doesn’t mean that they are bad, but the little ones tend to be abnoxious and the old folks can not live up with it. In other words, they think and react differently in situations.You have to teach your puppy to improve his social skills, in order to be wanted by the big guys.

For example, you can think about kids that visiting their parents. Those kids are the ones that are able to sit down in coach in grandma’s home and stay quite.One thing you can do for your older dogs, in order to coexist with your puppy, is to tire out the little one. You can start walking with the puppy and at the same time train him. Above all don’t forget that you have to supervise them – at least at the beginning- or if you are not around you have to find someone to supervise them for you. In fact, you can exercise the puppy before crating him.Alternatively, you can take a walk with both dogs, walking parallel to each other. It’s good if you keep their leashes loosen up, in order to give them roome to move and reduce any kind of possible tension between the two. You can choose a large area in open space, so they will feel more comfortable and will have more room to move around.


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