One of the most important criteria in choosing a dog, including shelter dogs, is temperament and character.

Think about what you want your dog to be like in advance!

▫️Evaluate the dog’s health and your capabilities.

Visit a vet in any case, because many illnesses are invisible to the naked eye, whereas serious diseases are usually noticeable at first sight.

You can consciously choose a dog that requires complicated and expensive treatment or a handicapped dog that requires you to spend a lot to provide them with a good quality of life. But in this case, make sure to strictly evaluate your capabilities – not only financial.

▫️What’s the most comfortable age for you: a puppy, an adult dog or an wise elderly pet?

Getting a puppy is all about raising the dog of your dreams, but the process of it will take a lot of time and effort.

An adult dog already knows some things, but he may have some behavioral problems that need correction.

You can give beautiful last moments to an elderly dog, but also keep in mind you’ll have to say goodbye to your four-legged friend much sooner than to a younger dog.

▫️Ask yourself: is the size of the dog important?
If yes, then make sure to choose a “teenage” pup or an adult dog, this will help to know how big he/she will grow.

By the way, there is no direct link between a dog’s size and the space they take at home.

Sometimes, a bigger dog is calm and almost invisible, whereas a tiny pup might be constantly spinning under your feet taking all the space around😊

🐶If you choose a dog that does not suit you or your family, you might make everyone unhappy: both the dog and the humans.

There is no guarantee that your new pet will change to fit your standards. And people are rarely ready to change themselves to make the life of their pets comfortable.

However, there are exceptions.

Sometimes those who get a dog that turned out to not be the best “fit” for them but sparked love at the first sight, change their lifestyle, study cynology, and become vet specialists to help their pet overcome problems and lead a happy life.

In the end, it is all about taking the time to evaluate your abilities.