Small puppy essentials: the “Check” command

Let’s talk about socialization of a puppy: playing with commands! “Check” is one of the very first commands that you can teach your baby pup.

The “check” command is meant to tell the puppy to go and check a certain object that might be causing some fear or confusion.

To teach this command you’ll need to do the following:

Place an unfamiliar object in the middle of the room with you and your pet.
It can be a bowl put upside down, a bucket🗑, a backpack 🎒 or a box📦, etc. As soon as the puppy looks at the new object, reward him/her with a delicious treat.
You can approach the new object along with the puppy (❌just make sure to not pull the baby to this object by force – he/she needs to make an independent decision to approach it).

Once your puppy starts smelling the object, say “Check”, praise the pet and give him/her a treat for the heroic bravery. 🐶

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