What is enriched environment?

What is enriched environment? Simply put, the term “enriched environment” means changes in the life of a person or animal that represent different kinds of additions and complications which are aimed at raising the level of wellbeing.

This means that enriched environment increases the level of physical and psychological health, and, hence, overall wellbeing. Moreover, enriched environment makes the bond between a pet and their human stronger.

How to ensure environmental enrichment for your dog?

🐶Physical: quantity and size of the rooms/spaces your pet has access to.

🐶Social: safe communication with other canines, animals and people.

🐶Sensory: visual, audio, tactile and olfactory stimuli (different surfaces, sounds, search games, walks and etc.)

🐶Activity: an opportunity to explore the world around (and new places, which is especially important for dogs), physical and intellectual activities, games.

🐶Feeding: type and frequency of meals, food diversity, feeding methods (for example, slow-feeders), access to water.

All of the above-mentioned things bring diversity to your pet’s life, which means they make him/her happier.

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