How To Stop Your Dog From Digging In The Trash Can!

Written by: Sally Nassar
Ever wondered why your belly stuffed dog love digging down your dumpster? To be able to answer your question, we started “digging” in the historical background of this animal and shifted some thousand years earlier when our ancestors domesticated wolves and a great companionship emerged between the two species. According to the experts, wolves moved closer to human communities in order to find a constant food supply on the dry days when their hunts were turned down and couldn’t find much food to keep them nourished. Yes, To dig down that trash for food! Regardless the fact that wolves can survive some few days without food, they are not as lucky as the big cats -i.e: lions and tigers- when it comes to a meat-full daily hunt whenever their bellies start squeezing of hunger. You may think that the organic items you trash are pure garbage, but for some canines, it’s still food that’s worth digging even if it stinks.

Your dog acquired this habit of digging down your waste bin for one of two reasons: considering it a funny game of exploration, maybe he’ll be lucky to find something that’s worth eating or a toy to play with. The other reason is attention seeking, every time your dog approaches the trash can he manages to grab your attention, becoming a behavioral issue especially if you’re away most of the time or too busy to show them the attention they crave.

Good news is, we do have a solution!

Dogs are very smart animals and need special treatment when it comes to correcting their un-welcomed behavior. If you follow these three simple steps, you’ll say good buy to that messy problem.

1- Hide the trash can:
This is considered to be the easiest approach. Never leave any garbage laying around your kitchen. Instead, reallocate your waste bin inside a cupboard or any where that’s lockable. But if you have a smart ass dog that knows how to unlock the doors to happiness then maybe it’s the right time to consider some child-lock shopping.

2- Contain the trash can:
Revolutionary automatic garbage bins with sensors will guarantee opening only for the authorized users, just for You! But if you’re not a technology fan then you may opt for a regular tight lid can that can resist throwing all its contents up if knocked down.

3- Try training your dog:
This will be the only way that requires you to invest some time and effort. Teaching your feline friend to respond to your orders when you say the word: “back off” to actually give up on his naughty intentions.
To do this, first you need to teach him to stay still or turn their heads away from you while holding a treat in your hand and firmly saying “back off”. And once they grasp the meaning of this phrase, start using it every time they start spinning around that trash can. When they follow your order, you have to praise and offer them a treat on the spot, so that they can link their action to your affection. But when you’re away from the house, you have to keep the waste bin out of sight until their learning process is completed.

Try these three simple steps with your dog and give us thumbs up if the magical trio formula worked for you, and if you tried other tricks that have actually made success please SHARE them with us in the comments section below!