Teach your dog to not barge through open doors

Many dog parents spend years struggling with a problem concerning doors: their dogs barge through them, in a hurry to get some fresh air on a walk, dragging the owner behind them.

Some try to correct this behavior using very harsh methods.

But there is absolutely no need to be harsh.

The problem of barging through doors is not just about convenience, but also about safety. So, how to teach your dog to not barge through doors using humane methods?

It’s simple! By explaining the rules to the dog. And by making him/her believe, that the owner is a source of all good things in life, capable of satisfying all the needs that a dog has.

Say, your dog comes rushing through the door as soon as you open it. Great! Here’s what can help you:

▫️Stand next to the door and put your hand on the door handle. Wait until your dog sits down. Don’t give him/her any commands or hints, just let your four-legged-friend make an independent decision.

▫️Stay patient – this might take some time. Wait until the desirable action and make sure you let your dog know: if he/she sits, you might open the door.

▫️When this happens, start slowly opening the door. If your dog stands right up – and that’s probably what’s going to happen – close the door and wait again.

🐶Your goal is to give your dog an opportunity to understand: sit calmly – and you will get what you need. When your dog manages to sit calmly all the way while you’re opening the door fully, allow him/her to walk through it.

▫️Practice a few times a day, and remember to not let your dog barge through an open door again in order to avoid self-reinforcement (according to canine logic, something that’s allowed once is always allowed).

▫️Be persistent and consistent in this endeavor, and you will surely teach your dog to walk out the door politely and calmly.

When your dog is ready, try installing a pet door for your furry friend.

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