How much time does it take to care for a dog?

This is a common question that so many potential dog-owners ask in an attempt to understand if they will be able to give enough time and effort to a pet.

However, the answer is not so simple. The reason is: it depends.

Let’s see.

You’ll need to walk your dog – ideally, at least 2 hours per day ☀️ Maybe more, depending on individual needs of a certain breed, the season of the year, etc…

You’ll need to feed your dog – this means you will have to spend time preparing food, especially if you decide to choose home-cooked meals.

It’s a bit easier with dry store-bought food.

You’ll need to take care of your dog’s coat. Grooming might be necessary every day, a few times a week, once a week, or maybe less (but then it may require more time this once that you actually get to it, like, trimming, for instance). It all depends on your dog’s individual needs.

You’ll need to handle hygiene procedures. They’re all very different for every dog too.

You’ll need to train your dog. How often and for how long depends on your goals and training skills.

The least you can do is have a training session at least once a week. Its duration is up to you. 🐶

There are also unexpected situations that might require your close attention on a 24-hour basis and up to a few days.

So, is there a direct answer to a question “How much time do I need to spend on a dog daily?”? Not really. How much time do you spend on you child? On your significant other? On you work? It varies from person to person.

How much time do you spend caring for your four-legged friend? 👇

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