Golden Retrievers are so friendly and loving, they get attached to people, animals, and even toys very much! These Goldies cannot live without they soft toy animals, and consider them best friends. Who’s gonna tell them they’re not real?

This Golden Retriever has a soft toy that looks exactly like him! Do you think he knows it’s a toy or he thinks it’s his sibling?

He can’t sleep without cuddling with his little dinosaur, wonder how big he will look besides his toy few weeks later…

Naps On Naps On Naps

This Golden Retriever loves his teddy bear as much as he loves being muddy. That’s why he takes him in his muddy trips. Then, they get cleaned together.

Mr. Mali is 5 years old and he has a best friend who joins all of his adventures! He considers him a real best friend. He takes him for walks, dates, and they spend the best time together!

Baby shark do do dododo! This Goldie cannot live with his soft shark. Incredible bond!