She was never expecting this from her dog!
written by : Maky

Love is sometimes blind , and we don’t see things in that way like the others see. We are able to tolerate every bad and negative
thing and we always find some reason and explanation for everything that he or she does. Saddly , in most of this cases people are staying unhappy and they are just suffering in their lives. You might not believe, but her Dog did something precious to her! Just like waking up her from a bad dream.

This girl saved her dog when he was just a puppy , without her this puppy may not be alive today. She gave him all love and care
she had. He grew up and become a healthy , big and adorable Dog.

One day, her boyfriend started fight with her. Girl’s relationship worsened  with her boyfriend and of course , she leaned on her dog for emotional support, she was very sad and depressed and she didn’t know what do to anymore. Her dog was always with her. The girl was isolated totally from her family and friends, her boyfriend didn’t allow her even phone call.

Then she suddenly realises that she deserves better. Much better than this guy. During one of their fights ,her boyfriend punched her dog in the face. That almost caused blindness and brain damage to her dog! When that moment came , this girl
knew that she need to break up with him. She was shocked! How cruel and mean can you be to punch a dog in a face?

Years passed , and after some time now is she with her dog spending their days exploring the sights together. Without her dog , she knows she wouldn’t be where is she today. The decision was final for her. None of this would be possible,
but true love always wins !

And remember.. you are always strong enough for change in your life!

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