things dog owners do that annoy others

things dog owners do that annoy others

Dog owners are often misunderstood and even sometimes become a source of annoyance for others. So, what are these “strange things” that dog parents do that might annoy others?

🍀 “They love dogs more than they love people!”
There are indeed dog owners who might be a living proof of this, but they’re still a just small minority.

However, so many of us consider dogs our family members.

And we always treat our loved ones (both people and animals) much warmer than simple acquaintances or strangers, don’t we?

So, it’s not out of the ordinary if a dog is much more valuable to a someone than strangers on the street. And whoever says “But it’s just a dog!” automatically becomes to them 🐶

🍀 “They choose awful topics for discussion!”

People certainly might find it a bit unpleasant when dog owners start talking about pros and cons of anthelmintic drugs 😊

🍀 “They only talk about their pets!”

Remember those T-shirts saying something like: “Run! This person cannot stop talking about their dog!” that were once popular?

🍀 “They talk to their pets!”

But is there something wrong with that? Talking to your pets is absolutely normal.

“I wish someone talked to ME like that!” is a common protest of people with no pets.

🍀 “They’re constantly saying “no” to all invitations!”

Sometimes our friends who don’t have any pets are offended by the fact that those with dogs at home can’t make it to a party or a trip, justifying it with the fact that they need to walk and feed their furry friends, and there’s no one to dog-sit them.

Some people even stop inviting their dog-owning friends over at all.

🍀 “They waste all this money for no reason”

Yes, pets are expensive. Period. But it’s impolite to look in other people’s pockets. And when it comes to “wasting” – we all consider different things necessary for happiness. And even if some consider having pets “unreasonable”, they bring so much happiness into our lives, that money doesn’t matter anymore.

It doesn’t matter how people treat proud dog parents around them. In the end, the only thing that counts is how happy dogs make us.

Which of these things can you relate to?👇