why is a short leash not good for your dog?

why is a short leash not good for your dog?

Some dog owners prefer to walk their dog on a short leash, because it seems “more convenient” to them.

But let’s be honest, the “convenience” of this habit is highly doubtful. So, why is a short leash bad?

There are two main reasons for that:

1️⃣ If your leash is shorter than 6 feet, you will never be able to teach your dog to walk on a loose leash.
Your furry friend will always be pulling and tugging, and you won’t be able to do anything with it (except for getting extremely annoyed).

The problem is that in this case your dog is constantly walking within your personal space, and that is not the most comfortable feeling for it.

And, of course, let’s remember the fact that your dog will have trouble simply sniffing a bush or grass, it won’t be able to do it without pulling the leash. And what is a walk without exploring the world?

2️⃣ In case of a meeting with another dog, there is a high risk of aggression, because your dog simply won’t be able to demonstrate the signals of friendliness and part ways in peace.

Your dog won’t be able to help pulling the leash, and the dog walking towards it might read this as a sign of readiness to attack, we have once already written about it in one of our previous posts on leash aggression.

This is why it’s so much better if you choose a leash that is at least some 10 feet long (the longer- the better). This will your walks more pleasant and much safer for both you and your pet 🐶💛

Do you use a long leash for your pup? Let us know in the comment section below ⤵️