This Dog Refused To Leave Scene Of Accident That Took His Owner’s Life


This Dog Refused To Leave Scene Of Accident That Took  His Owner’s Life

written by : MakyIt’s very hard when you lose someone you truly loved. One of the hardest things to go through is the difficulty of losing someone that was once close to you.
This dog has been pictured lying at the exact place his owner lost her life in a hit and run accident. His owner Kelly was found dead on Friday. The police were called to the scene where his owner was lying in the  middle of the street, dead.

Paco lay motionless on the road following the death of his owner

Witnesses said that they saw a truck colliding with the woman in a  convenience store car park before dragging her into the road. The police believe it’s possible that the driver was completely unaware of what had happened. At the time of the tragedy, Kelly was walking her dog, according to witnesses. When residents spotted her dog lying in the street after the accident, Russell Col burn local journalist drove to the scene to take photographs.

Family members were called to collect the grief-stricken pet.
Love is not an emotion… It’s more of a promise. Love is a promise that you make. This dog will always love his owner , and he will always wait for her.  This love is eternal.Read Also : Why Dogs Shake