Tips to Groom Your Dog At Home: All You Need to Know

A healthy-clean dog is a happy companion. Thus not grooming your dog can result in various health complications. For example, long-loose hair, fleas, ticks, long nails, and matting are some of the things you’ll have to deal with if you don’t take good care of your pet. Luckily, it’s easy to groom your pet at home, only if you learn the simple tricks on how to go about it.

Here are ideas to guide you:

1. Research well

Before you begin grooming your dog at home, gather adequate information on various dog grooming techniques. Always choose the right grooming products for your puppy and do proper online research about it. There are numerous professional dog grooming tips on how to go about this, and you don’t want to hurt your pet. For example, if you clip the nails too short, your pet may end up bleeding, and this can be painful.

2. Grooming time

Pet grooming can be fun if done at the right time. Avoid grooming your dog when angry or hungry. Your dog should enjoy every bit, whether it’s bathing, brushing, nail clipping, or cleaning the ears. The best time to try grooming is after meals or exercise. During this time, your dog will be happy and relaxed.

3. Choose the right place.

Grooming should be a fun experience for both you and your dog. Do this in a place where your pet feels comfortable. If your dog loves outdoors, opt for places like your backyard, and set the table with all the requirements. If your dog loves television, groom them in your living room, and choose a spot that’s easy to clean. Besides, you’ll have to deal with loose fur from your pet.

4. Regular brushing

Always, make brushing part of your grooming routine. The reason being, it keeps your dog’s coat shiny, gets rid of unwanted hair, and keeps your dog fresh in summer. Note brushing untangles knots, and other mattered sections of the pat’s hair, which may be impossible to remove when wet. But always remember to use the best dog de-shedding brush that will help you to get rid of loose hair and dirt.

The brush should also distribute oil on your dog’s coat. If your pet is short-haired, consider a curry brush, but use a pin brush or slicker for long-haired dogs. A trimmer is also handy, and you can use it to cut any mats that you won’t be able to remove by brushing. When you leave mattered hair unattended, it can allow disease-causing organisms to thrive on the dog’s skin, and this may cause infections.

5. Bathing

Bathing your pet is one of the main aspects of dog grooming. How you do it determines whether your dog will love the process or not.  Be gentle with the pet, and avoid immersing them directly into a tub full of water. Choose the shampoo carefully and only go for dog shampoos. Use a conditioner if your dog has dry skin, and this will take care of the drying coat.

Moreover, apply balm under the paws if your dog itches on those areas. Use a towel to dry the dog and avoid a dryer; the sound of the device can scare your pet. Once done, clean the ears, and this will keep ear infections at bay.

6. Teeth brushing & Nail trimming

It’s advisable to brush your dog’s teeth twice weekly and have plaque buildup done by a professional.  For the nails, clip them when necessary, especially when they grow long, and be sure to use the right tools or a dog grooming kit.

Take home

Grooming your dog is an essential aspect of pet care, and learning how to do it at home is in itself a plus. Also, at the same time, it is important to take care of the diet plan for your dog. Nowadays CBD dosage is more popular among dog parents. But it should be fed in an appropriate quantity.  CBD treats and DIY dog grooming are some excellent and smart ways of bonding with your pet and will also save you some money.




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