Traveling With Dogs- Here Are The Top 8 Things You Must Know  

Did you know that 37% of pet owners travel with their dogs? If having a pet is a cake, then having a pet with whom you can travel is definitely a cherry on top. Just imagine how amazing and eventful your life will become if you could take your beloved dogs with you.  

In fact, doggies are social animals. They love to meet new people and have fun roaming around new places. So, going on a vacation with them would be a whole new experience for you. Moreover, it’ll also help create a strong bond.  

However, traveling with your little buddy also means you need to pay attention to their safety. Besides, there are numerous other things that you need to take into consideration before going out.  

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  • Teaching Some Basic Tricks 

First of all, you need to train your pets for travel. This training includes teaching some basic tricks to them such as “Sit,” “Stop,” “Handshake,” “Stay,” or “No.” All these tricks will ensure that they listen to you. Thus traveling will become much easier.  

In addition to this, these tricks will also ensure good behavior. So, in case you have to leave them in the hotel room, you can be sure that they will not cause any trouble.  

Hang on! 

Are you wondering- how to teach tricks? Don’t worry! It is very easy. You can teach them all the tricks with the help of their favorite treats. Hold the treat in your hand and tell them to “Sit.” Repeat the command and give them treats when they follow it. Once they start listening to your command, stop giving them treats.  

  • Befriend Other Pooches 

Another thing you need to teach your fur buddy is to make dog friends. It would be amusing to watch your pups play with others during the vacation. It will also ensure that they don’t feel lonely or sad at an unfamiliar place. The easiest way to “make friends” is by taking them to a nearby park.  

You can also take them to dog-friendly places such as cafes or restaurants. In addition to this, you can also arrange a fun playdate for them to meet and enjoy. If your puppies easily get mixed up, that means they are all set to travel with you. Otherwise, they might need a bit more training and time to be prepared.  

  • Packing All The Essentials 

Once your dog is all set to hit the road, it’s your turn to make the rest of the arrangements. And by that we mean, you need to pack all the essentials that your puppies might need during the vacation. These essentials include:  

  • Toys  
  • Dog treats 
  • A Leash 
  • Food bowls  
  • Water bottle 
  • Medicines  
  • Medical records 


Keep in mind that dogs need one ounce of water per pound of body weight each day. If they don’t stay hydrated, especially during traveling, it might cause numerous health issues. That’s why whether you are going abroad or just to a nearby park, you should always carry a portable dog water bottle along. These bottles generally have a built-in drinking bowl, which makes it easier for the dogs to drink. Moreover, the bottles are also easier to clean and carry while traveling.  

  • Understanding Airline Pet Policy  

If you are planning to go abroad, you must learn about the airline’s policy. You see, airline rules and regulations keep on changing. Therefore, you must know about the updated rules. Contact the airline company or visit their websites to learn about their pet policy. Besides, the guidelines also vary from country to country and according to the dog breed.  

Thus, to avoid any last-minute hassle, you must double-check everything.  

Tip: To make it even more convenient, you can ask your fellow pet owners about pet-friendly airlines. Maybe you’ll learn something new about the airlines.   

  • Learning About Country Rules 

Similar to the airline, you must also learn about the country’s rules and regulations regarding pet entry. Some countries might only check the medical records. While some might ask for pet quarantine and demand additional fees for entry. In addition to this, some countries might not allow specific dog breeds. Furthermore, some countries, especially European Union, require a pup passport.  

So, you must learn about all these things before you finalize the trip destination. If possible, connect with any of your friends living in the selected destination. They might help you learn about the local rules and regulations as well.  

  • Using Pet-friendly Applications 

Just like doggies, technology is also a great companion of humans. That’s why you should take a little bit of help from technology to make your vacation more fun and convenient. How? Well, it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is look for pet-friendly applications. These applications can help you locate pet-friendly hotels and restaurants. Besides, you can also discover nearby animal hospitals and vets for any emergency situation.  

Needless to say, these applications can come in very handy in need of the hour. Nonetheless, you must read the reviews and check the authenticity of the application before traveling.  

  • Identification Tag 

Another thing that you need to do before starting your trip is to add an identification tag to your pet’s collar. It will give you peace of mind that you can easily find your pet, even if it gets away from you.  

Make sure that the tag has all the necessary details, i.e., the name of your pup, your name, contact details, and proof of a rabies shot. Or you can also do pet microchipping as a permanent identification tag.  

  • Bonus: Carry Pet-related Documents  

Last but not least, you must carry all the pet-related documents with you while traveling. It will ensure that you don’t get in any trouble. Moreover, you might also require them while taking your pet to the new vet. So, make sure to pack them with all the other essentials.  

To Sum It All Up! 

All these things will ensure that you are 100% ready to travel with your pups. Moreover, these will also ensure that your fur buddies are comfortable and safe during the trip, which is obviously the most important thing. Nonetheless, don’t forget to have fun during your vacation.   




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