Pet hacks: Pet gear and other ideas to make life easier for you 

Pets are adorable. They’re the love of our life. Happiness comes when you’re around your pet. But life around pets isn’t easy or relaxing. They do your work and they make you sweat. Even though you enjoy doing it you always find an easier way to do all the chores that pets get on board with them. 

What you need are some hacks and some pet products that will make your life a lot easier so that you can focus on loving your pets. After all, having more energy at the end of the day will also let you do other things that require your attention. 

So here are a few tips, tricks, and products to help you out. 

Feed Reminder for your pet’s tummy requirements 

It’s the worst feeling to realize that you forgot to give your cat food at night and she’s been hungry till you woke up. You love them and you would never let that happen again. But what’s the guarantee? After all, you’re human and bound to make mistakes. 

A feed reminder might help our cause. It is a simple device. It usually has indicators for 7 days with 2 or 3 meals indicating options. If a switch is flipped to green or done it means that the pet has been fed. But if it is not then that means you probably forgot the feed. Even if you doze off your friends and family can keep an eye on the feed reminder and do the needful. 

This device also gets rid of the problem of overfeeding. If you live with multiple family members or friends they might put an extra meal seeing an empty bowl. A feed reminder can help do away with this problem and overfeeding can become a thing of the past. 

 Dental Chews because pets just don’t brush their teeth 

Ever tried brushing your pet’s teeth? You must have. And you probably would not have tried it again. Is there a simpler way to make sure their teeth are cleaned and their mouth stinks less? Sure there is. 

Get your pet dental chew sticks. All you have to do is give it to the pet. They will chew on it and it will clean their teeth and breath. You don’t even have to wash the thing. It is mostly infused with baking soda to help with the breath and friction take off the plaque. 

Grooming brushes for those furry friends 

Grooming brushes that are made especially for dogs and cats are a simple but efficient tool for keeping the pet mat-free. You must be noticing your pet sheds a lot and leaves hair all over the furniture and the house.  

Regular brushing usually helps this cause but a normal brush won’t do. The pet grooming brushes now have dual sides. While one works on keeping the fur untangled, the other side is used for removing dead undercoats that they usually leave sticking to your sofas.  

This small product if used properly can help keep your house clean and your pet cleaner. 

Water and Dirt-Proof Leashes and Collars because why not? 

Noticed those soiled and tethered leashes on dogs? It’s not exactly a joy to touch those moist leashes which just can’t seem to let go of the dog’s saliva. You can’t simply keep washing them again and again, you have other stuff you would rather focus on.  

Get the innovative Dog collars and leashes that are waterproof and dirtproof. Let the dogs hold them in their mouth all day long. A simple wipe and remove all kinds of liquids and dirt particles off the leash leaving it brand new every time. 

Catnip because they just love it 

Catnip is a wonder. It comes naturally but some products just make it easier for it to reach your pet and you. The catnip products help cats relax and feel all fuzzy. It’s mostly called marijuana for cats because of its effects. If your cat is getting too anxious or hyper just pass some catnip and watch them become affectionate and relaxed.  

Catnip basically mimics sex hormones and makes the cats feel all good and warm. 

Handheld shower to make you sweat less 

Online marketplaces are full of handheld shower products that are made especially for pets. You can connect these wands to a water outlet in your front lawn effortlessly and get your pet ready for the much-needed bath.  

Unlike normal sprayers, these pet sprayers have a wider and sharper stream to get through the coat and cover the maximum area. This means you can finish the bath quicker and be more efficient about it too. Your dog or cat will be happier with a short and cleansing bath while you will have a ton of energy left to enjoy the rest of your day. 

Self Cleaning Pet hair removers for clean houses and clothes 

It is sometimes impossible to stop the pets from shedding and leaving hair all over the house. It can be irritating and it also increases the probability of you ingesting the hair with food or simply through breathing.  

There are already a lot of pet hair remover products in the market but not all of them are easy to clean. The self-cleaning ones are the products you should be spending your money on because they save time, energy and also make your clothes and house look a lot better. They all mostly work with the same technology but come in all shapes, makes, and sizes. 

Flea and tick spray because they aren’t the ones you pet 

While a lot of flea and tick sprays are harmful there are some plant-based sprays that do not harm you or your pets. You can go around the house spraying it to keep the area off-limits to a variety of pests. These are so safe that you can spray them directly on your pets too. 

These sprays help keep flea, flea eggs, ticks, mosquitoes, and other undesirable insects away from your precious pets. 

It is a joy to keep pets and take care of them. It is blissful to see them grow up. The process is mostly not entirely a walk in the park but you can always make it to be so. Use these hacks and products to make the journey easy going for you. 




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