The Idaho Humane Society had a lot of calls and messages after a video of a woman boxing her German Shepherd spread via social media.

The video was first posted on Snapchat, which indicated the woman from Idaho over and over punching her dog in the head with boxing gloves. The 13-second clasp finished with a hard punch that made the canine howl in torment and the lady saying, “I hit him so hard I felt that through.”

People were shocked over the violent act and asked her to be charged and her dog taken away from her.

The Idaho Humane Society and nearby investigators are effectively examining the case. “We started an official investigation as a result of this video. This morning the individual was identified and we sent a Humane Officer to discuss the situation. The investigation is currently pending review at the local prosecutor’s office for a charging decision,” posted the creature cover.

The Ada County Prosecutor’s Office stated in a press release, “The incident occurred within the Boise City limits and is the jurisdiction of the Boise City Attorney’s Office where it is currently under review.”

ScreenShots: Twitter/@Realmalinoisman

The woman has animal abuse charges that could result in a $5,000 fine and up to six months in prison, stated The Idaho Statesman.

Unfortunately, the pup was not confiscated as it was not considered to be in “imminent danger”. People were once again angry by this, but the society said, “No matter the sentiments involved, we have to follow the law.”

“Time to start pushing for laws to change and harsher punishments to be imposed. There, something to do during this quarantine,” said a follower.

The society is doing everything possible to defend the abused hound, yet ask that people please quit reaching them about the case. They have to have the telephones accessible so they can address other dire cases. So as to answer huge numbers of the basic inquiries, the general public posted a flowchart of the procedure of creature misuse cases in the region.

They promise to keep to help animals in danger and stated, “The Idaho Humane Society works to protect all animals from abuse. We also believe that because domestic animals are a product of human intervention, we have a very special obligation to them in regard to humane treatment and responsible stewardship.”

WARNING: The content in the video below is disturbing and viewer discretion is advised.