Newborn puppies need some special care and love from their owners. Alongside their mother’s love, owners should know how to nurse a pet in the best possible way. When newborn puppies are born, they always are too delicate and small. After some weeks, they begin to open their eyes, with a few body movements.

When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes? Puppy Development from 1 to 8 Weeks

When the puppy starts to grow and turn from an infant to an active young puppy, its eyes get fully grown. But, for people who have a little puppy at their home, it is essential to know all the detailed information of puppyhood. So, let’s know some facts like to know when do puppies start to open their eyes and how to take care of these little babies later on.


aussiedoodle newborn puppies

When puppies are newly born, they have closed eyes, pink bodies, and it gradually starts to open their eyes to color their skin, and have a fur. When the puppies are a week old, they still have closed eyes. Eyes begin to open slowly in the second week. The average time needed for a healthy little puppy to open eyes and see the light is around 14 days.

Thus, owners have to understand that puppies will not be able to see with clear vision. It’s normal that they see with blurred vision for 2-3 weeks in average. With the help of their moms and nourishment they get from nursing they start to develop eyesight later on. By the 5th week, little puppies will begin to open eyes wider and will see with clear vision.

When do Puppies Open their Eyes After Birth? | My Pet Needs ThatThe color of most dogs’ eyes is usually gray and blue. But the vision might not be clear and strong by this time. If they see a little hazy it’s completely fine. The improvement remains to happen and up to 2 months they still develop better sight and clearer vision.

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