Dogs are famous for being man’s closest companion, yet this cute story shows that dogs appear for one another, as well.

At the point when a German shepherd named Marley was (probably) hit by a vehicle in Muscoy, California, her individual wanderer, Murphy, wouldn’t leave his closest companion’s side. The pair quietly hung tight for a considerable length of time as traffic zoomed by, without a solitary vehicle halting to help. Following a few hours, a driver at long last halted to mind the harmed animals and instantly called Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue.

“We received a message she was lying on the side of the road,” Faith Easdale said. “Marley was in terrible distress and pain and breathing heavily. We weren’t even sure if she was going to make it.”

Murphy kept watching as Easdale and another rescuer put the injured dog into the car. Just when the larger dog was inside safe, little Murphy sat beside Marley on the back seat, and also rested his head on her tummy.

“She was very heavy and hard to move, but we did it,” Easdale said. “Murphy wouldn’t leave her side on the street.”

Murphy kept to comfort Marley as rescuers rushed to the hospital, X-rays indicated that the German Shepard had broken more than a bone. But tests also proved a second, more surprising result. Marley was pregnant, she was going to have 11 little babies.

Murphy stayed with Marley for days, possibly loosening up when he appeared to understand the pregnant dog was finally sheltered. “He was able to be with her in the hospital but she was so critical that he wanted to go run and play,” said Easdale, who might help Murphy to discover his eternity home.

Marley’s delivery was painful, yet the wounded mother still dealt with giving birth to 11 healthy babies, which she attentively snuggled and nursed although she had casts on two legs.

Two years – and numerous veterinary visits later — Marley has completely recovered from her wounds, in the meantime, her doggies are completely developed and in their own homes. “Marley is just as sweet and beautiful as the day we brought her home,” her new family wrote on Facebook. “She plays as she has never had a broken bone.”