Out of control، Wildfires burned many sections of land in Australia and left endless koalas destitute, starving, and thirsty. Fortunately, citizens are helping the natural life by setting water bowls in their yards.

Rusty, a lovely and friendly dog, has become closest companions with a koala named Quasi. The friendship was caught on video when Quasi meandered into Rusty’s terrace during the staggering fires to discover food and water.

The charming koala has been visiting the home for quite a long time and drops by at whatever point the temperature rises. Corroded and Quasi’s kinship has been classified as “genuine” and “unstaged” and is something you need to see.

Andrew Frost, one of Rusty’s neighbors, posted a video taken by Danielle Stone of Rusty and Quasi slurping up water together out of a huge tank and it went viral online. It has been seen by more than 7 million times!

In the video, Rusty sways his tail as he contacts noses with Quasi and afterward the pair both beverage from the enormous tank of water. The video has made the day of such a significant number of people. One person commented, “It is sooooo lovely to see a safe koala 🐨 Some relief from the heartache for a moment.”

While the video made a lot of people smile, Frost reminds us that climate change is real and steps need to be taken. “Yes the country is on fire, climate change is real and many politicians are in denial but nice to post something smiley.”

The amazing moment shows us that we have so much to know from animals, particularly dogs. Watch the video below: