Wholesome Pics Of Puppies and Dogs Doing An Exceptional Job And Making Humans Happy

Dogs have been described throughout history as our most loyal companions, but it wasn’t until the 18th or 19th century that the dog’s reputation started to blossom into that of mankind’s priceless friend. Before dogs were increasingly popular as pets, they were typically portrayed as being ferocious and dangerous.

The phrase “dog is man’s best friend” was coined by King Frederick of Prussia in 1789 in reference to his Italian Greyhound, and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, dogs truly are the most compassionate beings to walk through life with us, sometimes I think that we don’t deserve dogs at all because they are too good for us. Once you have earned their trust believe us guys! They are all yours.

Dogs are unlimited fun they are always up for fun and they have this outstanding capability of recognizing your mood if your mood is upset or you are feeling down about something they will make sure and they will do their best to uplift your mood and turn your worries into laughter. Moreover, they are so stupid and funny dogs are always up to something and that something is always stupid and fishy. They tend to never rest.

It’s a wonderful idea to show your appreciation for dogs and puppies on any day, but today is especially appropriate for the cutest and most adorable animals who go out of their way to make people happy. So keep on scrolling down below to see these adorable puppies and dapper dogs and make sure you ladies and gentlemen see it till the end otherwise, you are going to miss a lot of cuteness dose.

#1 “Doofus 1 and Doofus 2 Reporting for Duty!”


#2 Look at this adorable doggo such a cute face it has


#3 Look at this cutie pie bleping

#4 Did it forgot the pillow or is it broke?


#5 Mother what is this dog doing in my house? We want it go immediately.

What is this dog doing in my house
by u/Meems138 in AnimalsBeingDerps

#6 Happiest birthday to you Mr.Doggo

#7 Camouflage level 101 a


#8 Look at me I am an adorable doggo still you won’t pet me?

Why won’t you pet me?
by u/msage34 in aww

#9 POV When your dog tries to be intelligent

Trying to bring a watering can into his crate…
by u/Billbasilbob in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

#10 This dog is heckin’ prepared for Shark Week

#11 I just want to pet it all my life, somebody please give it to me.


#12 “All this cheese is for me! Right hooman?”


#13 This dog tried die hard to bite blower

The leaf blower is his sworn enemy.
by u/warmpoopsock in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

#14 Can you see the level of excitement on this doggo?

He Found a Clam, A CLAM!
by u/Bradp1337 in AnimalsBeingDerps

#15 When you get tired of your dog licking you

That’s not how this works
by u/yomamascub in AnimalsBeingDerps

#16 “A little dog smile to go with your scrolling.”


#17 Is this what new Ice Age movie looks like?

thats nuts
by u/jasontaken in doggos

#18 “Nala looking at you with nothing but love and admiration because you are perfect and stunning”


Aren’t these dogs simply beautiful and cute? We know they are. It can be so hard for us to resist such beautiful dogs. Their owners are very lucky to have them and can you imagine the fun in the houses where these dogs live? It would be unlimited entertainment to spend the whole day with such beautiful pets.

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