Why Dog Toys Are So Important

Far from pets, dogs are an important and treasured part of our family. It is that irresistible face and flutter of love that makes us smile any time we come across our four-legged friend. So, whenever it comes to taking care of our dogs, we seem to want the best for them. 

Considering that the care you give to dogs is not easily communicated or instinctively inherited like a human child, you may have difficulty selecting the best toys, proper medication and the right food. This is because you won’t be able to ask your dog the question: “Do you like it?” So you are faced with the daunting task of determining what is best for your dog. 

The first step to take, especially when choosing the best toys for your dog, is to start from the basics. To pick the best toy for your dog, you must understand the fundamental question, “Why do my dogs need toys?” “What’s the usefulness of dog toys, and why do they need to play with toys?” 

Domestic dogs have for thousands of years been the best friends of man. They were initially bred for farming protection and hunting. They have worked side by side with humans since time immemorial. People often say that back in the day: “dogs never had half the toys they have these days,” whilst this might be correct, the lifestyle and job description of modern-day dogs have changed notably in the last hundred years. From a farm dog or active hunter to a cute companion, a fluffy couch dog and provider of comfort and love. 

So to keep you at your workplace and stop you from quitting your jobs to go on hunting expeditions with your dogs, modern-day dog toys were designed and created in their millions to train and entertain your flurry friends. 

Toys are very significant to the improvement of your dog’s mentality. It also provides good physical exercise for your dog. You can strengthen the animal-human bond of your dog with dog toys. It is a powerful implement for your dog’s behaviour modification. 

It must be noted that while your dog may not necessarily be thinking about you when playing with its favourite toy, you can control and stimulate some of their behaviours during their playtime with the dog toys.  

Below are some types of dog toys that you can purchase, including why they are important. 

Dog Toys,dog
Dog Toys

Photo: Stylish Hound 

Chew Toys 

Dogs love chewing a lot. This is an instinctive behaviour that keeps their teeth clean and jaws strong.  Chewing helps dogs relieve anxiety and stress, and it is a form of stimulating exercise for dogs. In the same vein, chew toys are multi-tools for your dog. It trains them on what to eat and what not to eat. Chewing toys prevent your dogs from chewing your favourite pair of shoes or new lounge. 

Interactive Toys 

Dogs share a similarity with humans; they are social animals. Getting interactive toys for your dog strengthens your bond with it. It also helps your dog fill in the social interaction gap that it may have. You can also play interactive games with your dogs; this will fulfil their instinct to tug, grab, chase and search. 

Enrichment Toys 

By nature, dogs are thinkers and are very curious. Their sense of smell is excellent. Provide your dogs with food dispensing toys. This helps your dog nibble, shake, nudge and roll until its food comes out. It requires patience, time and problem-solving skills that will help your dog enjoy its quiet time. It prevents boredom and stops the dog from scratching valuable things. 

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