7 reasons why dogs are running away and how to stop them

dogs are running

7 reasons why dogs are running away and how to stop them.

Written by:  Anastasia Spevakina
Many owners complain about disobedience of their dogs, when during the walk they start to run away and stop noticing the commands. After reading this article you will understand why it happens and how to stop dogs from running away.
Calling dogs with a menacing tone of voice.
!Tip! Animals are very sensitive to your tone of voice, and if you are angry or frustrated, the dog will try to avoid contacting with you. He will run around, but not stay too close. Watch your voice and be positive. Your intonations can be playful and fun, strict in some situations, but never be threatening.

Punishing dogs for this behavior after they obeyed and came to you.
!Tip! Even if you want to scold and spank a dog, DON’T do it. You understand why the dog must be punished, and the dog will never understand. Your pet will think that he came to you, and you punished him. No matter how much time you spent to catch the fugitive, praise him for finally being obeyed.
You start to call the dog and run after him.
!Tip! You are the leader, not dogs. Leader will never run after one member of his pack. It’s an axiom. Do the opposite, turn around and go in the opposite direction. It’s important for the dog to notice that you are leaving.  Call, clap your hands, whistle and your pet will follow you.
Insufficient paddock.

Dogs don’t have enough time to relieve their physical needs and communicate with the outside world, staying and home and having a quick walk for 5 minutes. The priority of these instincts may be beyond your authority.
!Tip! Walk at least for 20-30 minutes per each walk with the dog. Trapped in a city apartment or sitting in a private courtyard, dogs will feel isolated from the outside world. If you don’t give your pet the opportunity to communicate with other animals, gust of freedom can provoke escape to compensate lack of communication.
Dog is very keen on something.
!Tip! Don’t try to get the dog’s obedience, if he is entirely absorbed by the subject interested him. Make sure that the dog is ready to listen, and only then call him.

After calling a dog you usually take him on a leash and drive home.
!Tip! Dogs have stable logical connection between two actions: the owner calls – the dog comes closer – a walk is over. Of course, any walk ends with a dog taken home, but sometimes it’s useful to whistle up the dog, encourage, praise, give treats and then let him walk for few more minutes. As a result, the dog will not think that as soon as you call for him, the fun is over.
All dogs have fears, and your dog is afraid of you.
!Tip! The dog can assume that when you call him, it’s time to be punished because he did something wrong. In such cases you must be very patient, play and talk gently with your pet, try to call him again after a while. When the dog finally comes to you, praise him and DON’T punish.

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