Would You Risk Your Life For Your Dog ?

Would You Risk Your Life For Your Dog?
Written by : Maky
Love is patient and kind, ready to forgive, persistent, and giving. True love is something best in our lives. We are addicted to love. It simply gives us a wonderful feeling , and it makes us feel as if we can go anywhere and do anything. Once our brains get a taste of it, we can’t stop loving. If you don’t believe in real love , you will believe after reading this story.

This man was playing with his dog catching the ball. The man accidentally threw the ball into the river. Then the dog ran to catch it , jumping into the water.
Suddenly, the owner of this Labrador noticed that his dog is in danger ,  because river was raging and the dog was fraught with danger. He decided to risk his neck.

He jumped into the river without any consideration. That just indicates a pure love of this man, he is risking his life for his dog. When you love someone , your adrenaline increases and make you do unreasonable things. He catched the dog, but people started to notice that he and his dog are unable to reach safety. Some of them tried to help and pull them up. The river was rambunctious. Luckily, rescuers came and  pulled them up. The rescuers saved this man and his lovely dog from the water.
They advised them not to jump into the water , because this case was extremely  dangerous. In this situation calling for help is a neccesary thing.

Everyone with a heart and love for their dog would’ve done the same thing as this man. What would you do? Your dog is a family member , and you don’t just stand and watch a family member drown. Your dog remembers everything you do for him.

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