Police Dog Killed By A Suicide Bomber! [SHOCKING PICTURES]

Police Dog Killed By A Suicide Bomber! [SHOCKING PICTURES]
written by : MakyThis hero police dog was killed by a woman suicide bomber in the Paris during siege.

This dog was a six-year old Shepherd dog. The police said that dogs like this ones are trained to assist on operations and commands. They are absolutely necessary to the police unit.

The dog was sent to an apartment where at least six jihadists were hiding, he was sent to assess the level of danger before they blow up the apartment.  At least three of the suspected terrorist have been killed. This dog sacrificed himself , thanks to him no more police men were killed , but four police officers have suffered injuries in this operation.
The police carried a series of operations

People started using the hashtag #Jesuisunchien (I’m a dog) to pay tributes to this brave dog, These shocking pictures shows the scenes of the operation , it was chaotic. There was a special SWAT team around that apartment. The main terrorist was hiding in the building with a number of other terrorists, they stayed inside the apartment before the place turned into a war zone.

Diesle was killed during paris terror siege

Diesel leading the operation