10 Amazing Ways Your Dachshund Will Change Your Life Extremely

As a dog lover, you are totally sure that having a dog can bring your life happiness and change it completely. There is no one who can wake up in a bad mood when the first thing they see is a happy smiling face and a wagging tail. If you don’t have a dog, or you don’t plat to get one,

Here are the proved facts of how dogs can totally change your life to the best:

1. Dogs increase your mood dramatically! 

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Having time with your dog will make you more relaxed, as they reduce stress and increase happiness. Also, playing with your dog will increase your serotonin and dopamine levels. Both of these hormones are related to happiness and tranquility. So, whenever you feel bad, think about having a new little furry best friend. This smiling and active baby will defiantly make you smile.

2. Dogs help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Studies indicate that talking with your dog and petting him are some acts that often joined by lower blood pressure, which means less risk for many different diseases.

3. Go away, cats! Dogs keep children away from skin conditions and allergies.

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If your child grows up having a dog, he has less chance of having eczema more than people who don’t have dogs or who have cats. Also, they develop fewer allergies if they have dogs.

4. Having a dog improves your physical health and helps to have a healthy fitness routine.

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This is true! Your dog needs exercise every day, so you have to do so! Dog parents have a big responsibility for walking and exercising with their dogs. Therefore, people who have dogs are more active than other people definitely.

5. People with dogs heal more quickly from disease.

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Dog owners have a much higher rate of recovery from being sick than non-dog owners. People with dogs who have heart attacks were likely to fully heal than those without twice time!

6- Kids with dogs in their homes miss less school.

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We all know how much kids love dogs, research has proven that kids who have dogs have better attendance at school, due to the overall mental and physical health.

7- Not just that, there’s more for your children!

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Kids who grew up with dogs are proven to have higher self esteems, and they are easier to handle.

8- Dogs are humans’ best friends

Due to their high sight, hearing, and smell sense dogs are extremely smart animals with loyalty to their people that is very powerful. Dog owners will know–your dogs can understand human body language, feelings, and emotions, and this smooths the way for a very strong bond.

9- They make super watchdogs.

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Since they are puppies, dogs know how to watch and take care of anything. Potential thieves are stopped by a barking or watching dog in the window. Besides all the well-known watchdogs, even the American Eskimo dog is famous for being great at alerting families of anything strange!

Getting a dachshund will make YOUR LIFE more wonderful!

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The self-sacrificing, responsibility, patience, and commitment that come with a dog makes us more powerful and better people in general.

The great relationship between a human and a dog is a two-way road. As per the sentence, “Who rescued who?” and it’s for sure something to think about.

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