9 Reasons You Should Cuddle Your Labrador More Often

Most of the dog owners probably will agree that they don’t need a reason to cuddle their dogs more. Nothing compares to a dog nuzzle or a stare that can melt any dog lover’s heart!

However, there are benefits for petting and cuddling your lovely dog! Here are the reasons:

1- Science proved that your dog needs to cuddle you more.

Science has proven that domesticated animals are more like us more than we have even imagined. They are like animals, they need physical contact and bonds to be happy. They also get depressed if they didn’t get this like humans too. If your dog is isolated from you it may cause him a lot of depression and stress.

Cuddle your dog 2- It will build your relationship very well.

Your interaction with your dog causes you and your dog to be happy. Science approved that this increases the oxytocin levels in the blood. Oxytocin AKA “love hormone” which comes out by your body after physical interactions especially from people you truly love. It is much like a baby-mother relationship and breastfeeding or a couple who is in love. Many animals do release the same hormone, but dogs release it for their human friends which is very special.

3- Cuddling your dog can release stress.

Hugging your dog is not just good for him, it’s also good for you! When oxytocin is released, it increases cortisol levels and also calms hear rate. Cortisol AKA “Stress hormone”

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4- Cuddling your dog can also lower your risk of stroke.

Laughter, healthy and delicious foods, and cuddling your dog or the one you love are 3 main reasons to lower your risk of having a stroke. It happens when the brain doesn’t get enough supply of blood and oxygen, and it happens for many reasons, from constricted blood vessels to hemorrhage.


5- It can beat away at depression.

More levels of oxytocin and physical interaction mean less depression. Besides serotonin and dopamine that are released by our brain, cuddling your dog can also help with healing depression.

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6-Cuddling your dog reduces pain for both of you.

As we said above, oxytocin is the love hormone, alongside it is the main thing in mammalian birth. Mothers release a lot of oxytocin during giving birth to ease the pain of the labor. Oxytocin is how your body deal with pain, wounds, headaches, and cramps, and the same goes for dogs.

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7-Petting and cuddling reduces anxiety

Maybe as a way to comfort children, oxytocin is released while petting and hugging can help ease anxiety and fear, and can also be a great way to help adopt with things that cause anxiety. However, hugging a dog when he’s showing fear might get you opposite results and they may think you’re increasing their anxiety. alternatively, separate a dog from the thing they are afraid of, and comfort them with treats and petting.

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8-Cuddling your pet may even help release insulin.

Scientists said that oxytocin that is released naturally can be used as an insulin-secreting. Therefore, oxytocin can help fight diabetes and obesity. However, don’t depend on cuddles only, get them a healthy diet for maintaining their weight.

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9-Dogs are cute.

Usually, dogs act like they are just born to be cuddled, which makes it very hard for owners to ignore. Your dog needs your love and care whatever is their breed. Every minute of cuddling will increase their love and respect towards you.

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